Single-Sided PCB

Single-sided PCB is a circuit board with conductive traces on only one side of the PCB board. Single-sided PCB is very suitable for products with relatively simple electronic functions. Single-sided PCB is widely used in consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications and industrial applications.
Compared with double-sided or multi-layer PCBs, the process of manufacturing single-sided PCBs is relatively simple. Single-sided PCBs are inexpensive, easy to manufacture, and can be used in many different low-to-medium complexity applications. Single-sided PCBs offer several key advantages:
Single-sided PCB has the lowest manufacturing cost; single-sided PCB is easy to design and prototype; single-sided PCB is easy to repair; single-sided PCB is durable; single-sided PCB can be used in consumer electronics, lighting, automotive and industrial control systems, etc.



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