hdi pcb

HDI PCB is an acronym for High Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board. Compared with conventional circuit boards, HDI PCB has higher reliability and higher density. HDI PCB uses smaller size and higher number of layers, HDI PCB achieves higher comprehensive performance and higher signal transmission speed. HDI PCB mainly has the following characteristics: HDI PCB has a higher degree of integration. By increasing the line density and the number of layers, HDI PCB can achieve higher component count and more complex circuit design on small-sized PCB boards. HDI PCB has higher signal transmission speed and stability. HDI PCB adopts smaller aperture, thinner lines, higher impedance control and better signal integrity control, which can achieve higher signal transmission and higher system bandwidth. HDI PCB has higher reliability. HDI PCB adopts a wider range of manufacturing processes and higher quality standards, which can effectively improve the reliability and performance of the circuit board. HDI PCB has a wide range of applications, especially for data communications, automotive electronics, medical electronics, consumer electronics, industrial automation, military electronics, aerospace and other fields. Due to the special design and highly integrated features of HDI PCB, HDI PCB is usually used in high-end and high-performance electronic products.



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