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Guangdong Ruxian Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of PCB and PCB assembly in Shenzhen. The company has a strong engineering team and electronic parts procurement team accumulated for decades, serving batch automotive electronics, medical electronics, communications, and industry. For customers in various industries such as automation and smart home, Guangdong Ruxian Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a one-stop comprehensive manufacturing service provider integrating PCB manufacturing, electronic component procurement, SMT patch processing and testing assembly.

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A factory, manufacturing plant or a production plant is an industrial site.

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PCBs are used in PCs and Notebooks, smartphones, mobile devices, television, home entertainment system, game console, vehicle electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, defense systems, industrial automation and control systems, internet of things, wearable technology. PCBs are critical to the proper functioning of electronic devices. They provide a compact and reliable platform for connecting and controlling electronics for efficient operation and high-performance output. PCBs also help reduce the size and weight of electronic devices, making them more portable and user-friendly.


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